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Sifnos the enchantress… its appeal, for Greek and foreign visitors alike, is due to its successful retaining of traditional ways of life, its removal from the beaten track of mass-tourism, its turquoise beaches and the historically unspoiled settlements, churches and monasteries found here.
Sifnos is well known for its food as well, and many world famous chefs have come from this small island.
The island is unspoiled by any modern architecture, and is threaded with ancient footpaths that wander through the foothills to the island’s many small white churches and monasteries, and ancient ruins.
Tourism hasn’t touched this island in the way it has other Cycladic islands such as Santorini and Mykonos, so there are no sea sports or activities for hire; instead there are tavernas offering home cooked Greek and local delicacies on the beautiful sandy and rocky beaches of the island alike, and good café culture.
The main village of the island, Apollonia, has pedestrian marble paths off which all the island’s nightlife and many great tavernas are located. The hills of the island create panoramic sea views everywhere you go, with sheep and goats roaming in all the pastoral views.
It may sound like the archetypal Greek island, but not many of them are as Greek an island as this island is, which is part of Sifnos’ appeal.

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